Sunday, January 24, 2016

Galantis - In My Head (Josie Webster Remix)

Galantis have absolutely exploded into public consciousness, so much so that they've garnered Grammy nominations. With that widespread success comes the inevitable storm of remixes. Everyone knows at least one "Runaway (U&I)" remix, not to mention "Gold Dust" and "Peanut Butter Jelly," but the track that's receiving the most remixes at the moment is their "In My Head." A look at their official remix contest page reveals approximately 200 submissions. I can't imagine spending the time listening to all of them let alone a small fraction of them, that's absolute insanity. Thankfully, I haven't had to visit that page until today as I was lucky enough to have a select few mixes arrive in my email. Particularly this warm, tropical, playful and "really crazy weird" version courtesy Josie Webster
Aided with sultry saxophone samples, comfortable, relaxing synths and frolicking xylophone solos, Josie Webster has created a highly enjoyable experience that will not only get your toes tapping but perhaps even your fingers snapping. Her seamless use of the original vocal content helps the mix cruise along ever so harmoniously, and where she does manipulate those vocals, it never strikes you as out of place but rather as though it meant to be. The whole track glides along so easily, in large part, due to the subtle yet tremendously important percussion, flirtatiously filling in gaps and urging progression. Finally and most strikingly, it is the spirited solos on the piano and xylophone packaged around the powerful and vibrant sax breaks that set this remix apart from the others and makes it so highly consumable.