Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Keys N Krates - Love Again (ft. Ouici)

Tonight on Bump In The Hump, we get the final new track from  Keys N Krates' EP Midnite Mass, giving a first play to their collaboration with fellow birthday partier, Ouici, "Love Again."
Released this past Friday, Keys N Krates' "thesis" Midnite Mass is a landmark release complete with heavy, party ready tracks (U Already Know & Save Me) as well as more subtle, thought provoking tracks (Nothing But Space & I Know U), but this track "Love Again," fits somewhere in between with it's funky and bleepy rolling rhythms. It harkens back to early Keys N Krates compositions like their Madeon remix "Icarus" or Zedd remix "Follow You Down" or their early EPs Lucid Dreams & Blackout. There's no doubting the growth we've witnessed in the Keys N Krates sound has been profound and tremendously positive, but it's nice to hear them embracing their roots. Be sure to get your copy of Midnite Mass, purchase your tickets for their tour (March 25 in Toronto) and tune into Bump In The Hump tonight, 6-7.