Sunday, January 03, 2016

Kidswaste - Neiro

I imagine many of you are still getting acclimated to 2016, while your blood alcohol content continues to fall after what I can only assume was a debaucherous New Years Eve. I, too, still cannot bring myself to listen to any 'lit, bangers' or any 'bro-down, fam' tracks; it's time to leave those memes, mindsets and verily 2015 itself behind. Let's start anew, with beautiful, creative and thought provoking music. Immediately upon hearing "Neiro" from Kidswaste I knew this was something that I could wake up or fall asleep to, listen to at literally any time, and still get the wave of emotions so brilliantly brought about by the genius of Kidswaste's production. "Neiro" is the perfect kind of track for new beginnings, it builds and creates in some sort of musical genesis, but it's goal and purpose is undefined; it is truly existential, allowing the listener to make of it what the will. That is the real beauty in music, it means and holds within it everything for everyone. Music is the magic of everyday life.