Friday, January 15, 2016

Pushing Buttons - No Love

I wake up every day with a flooded inbox of new music, especially soundcloud uploads, from follow/repost mafias. And there's almost always at least one hidden gem in the jumble of names I've never seen before. One of today's such gems is this one from, Pushing Buttons' a seemingly secretive production duo (or larger) of unknown origin. Best guess says Austrian, because it was hosted by Viennese label, oblique. The track isn't actually knew either, it was first released on Pushing Buttons' own soundcloud. Originally available for free download, "No Love," is now available on spotify and iTunes.
"No Love" has a lovely floating, effervescent intro that organic growth simply overtakes the moment and slides effortlessly into our consciousness. That primary atmosphere, complete with disparate nature samples meld beautifully with the twanging strings, soaring synths, tuned toms and warm bouncing bass. The track flows in such a way that it evokes an innate effortlessness of tranquility. "No Love" is a splendid track that sends you through a wonderful, wandering trance that despite the name and lyrical content, is tremendously impassioned and enchanting.