Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Benzi - Get Right Radio 2015

When Benzi tweeted the following, back in the beginning of December, I've been both obsessed with nightcore and on hype overload waiting for his last mixtape of the year to drop. Originally supposed to see it's release on December 30th, the roadblock that is soundcloud stopped that plan from unfolding.
Here we are not quite a week after its intended release and Benzi has successfully flexed his significant clout with labels and has finally got the mix clear of flags and live for the world to appreciate.
There's no doubt that Benzi is one of the most triumphant and prolific DJs and true master of the mixtape when you consider the ridiculous amount of work the guy does. Both his Girl Trapz and Get Right Radio series have achieved worldwide acclaim. There's no producer who wouldn't benefit from having their music showcased in the finely crafted and produced mixes. But that's not all that make Benzi such a force in the world of electronic music, and verily, music in general. He's half of well known duo TWRK, with eSenTRIK, who have found massive success with both their original and remix productions but their epic and incomparable TWRK mix series, originally airing on Diplo & Friends. Finally, and perhaps Benzi's largest contribution to world of music comes from his seemingly infinite connections in the industry compiling perhaps the greatest DJ catalog, his Live DJ Service. With the number of exclusives and unreleased content in his latest, 58 track, contribution to the world, Benzi has once again proved his production prowess and DJ dominance. Go ahead and Get Right with some of the best of musics from 2015 and hopefully some of those exclusives see releases in 2016. Tracklist below.