Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Royal Hunter - Horizon

I first came across young Argentine producer, Royal Hunter, this summer with the release of his free EP, Now Or Never, on Inidate Records. A four track EP is a hell of a way to start your career, and it's clear that Royal Hunter has some serious production chops, with standout tracks like "Ilan" and "Saturating" that could easily pass as a Prydz production. When he dropped his latest track, "Horizon" I was once again wowed at the storm of potential that resides in Royal Hunter.
The track is playful and orchestrated with soaring synths and wholesome drum fills, that never stop moving or progressing. The emotional story that the strings add prior to the breakdown allow for an epic rise in intensity, culminating in a truly fulfilling drop and release, giving listeners a feeling of completeness. I can only hope that we'll be able to get a copy of "Horizons" for ourselves, and perhaps a full EP to support such a superb production. To this point, Royal Hunter does not have a twitter page nor an official facebook fan page, but you can follow his personal page here.