Monday, January 04, 2016

DJ Galenic - Martin

Croatian producer DJ Galenic started the year off right dropping a superb slice of tech house, "Martin."
Add this to his continually growing catalog of releases ranging in genre from from trap and house to dubstep and melbourne bounce. Galenic is clearly passionate about music, learning and experimenting with sounds, styles and techniques; "Martin," marks a more cultured, finely seasoned and mature turn in his output. The percussion is reminiscent of a Pleasurekraft or Renaissance Man production. The rise and fall in his synths creates substantial atmosphere, moving the track and it's revelers, vigorously mixing up and down, left and right. Whereas his previous effort "Zagarich" is best suited for festival follies, and his official release, "ANA," could have big rooms bouncing around the world; "Martin" is perfectly suited for any DJ set, big or small. Roll into the new year and pick up this riser for free courtesy of Galenic's kind heart.