Sunday, October 23, 2016

Four reasons to see Mura Masa tonight at The Hoxton

#1. He'll be performing live, which means you'll be able to witness his musical and artistic abilities first hand. There's truly something special about live sets and the act of playing. It's not stale and stagnant, it's visceral and alive; you never know what's going to happen, what he's going to play and when. He'll certainly play his own hits, but he may also cover tracks like Major Lazer's "Lean On."
#2. His list of production credits is the stuff of dreams. He'll be able to play tracks like "Firefly" and "Lovesick Fuck" from his EP Someday Somewhere, "Lotus Eater" from Soundtrack To A Death, and the incredible single that took 2016 by storm, "What If I Go?"
#3. Considering the long list of vocalists and collaborators (Bonzai, Nao, Denai Moore, Jay Prince, and A$AP Rocky), he may just have a guest performer up his sleeve. I'm not saying A$AP Rocky is going to show up at The Hoxton tonight, but I fully expect Mura Masa to have a vocalist with him, especially given the fact that he's got a case of strep throat, and is "not saying much at these next few shows."
#4. His opening act, Michl, is fresh off the release of his debut self-named EP, which will serve as the perfect appetizer for the main course of Mura Masa. Stream the EP here, and whet your appetite below.

At last check, tickets were more than 90% sold out, but there are currently people selling on the facebook event, where you can also find the official ticketweb link. Because it's a Sunday show, be careful to remember the doors open at 9, not the usual 10. I'll also be live tweeting much of the show, as I do quite often, so if you're unable to join the crowd at The Hoxton, give my timeline a look see.