Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Weekend Warmup

This week on Bump In The Hump, I take the Weekend Warmup from a single track preparing you for a single event, and triple it in size. The final three tracks of the night will get your ready for Frustra, Hudson Alexander and RYME all performing this weekend. First I've got the pleasure to premiere a brand new Frustra track featuring frequent collaborator Nahte. The new track "Body" is set to drop November 1st via OKNF alongside a number of remixes. I'll be playing it in support of a new party called CRUEL CLUB, which will see Frustra performing live alongside Mavis and Nahte, Thursday at The Steady Cafe & Bar. It's a free event so no need for tickets, but if you're interested you can find out more details via the Facebook event. Hear the premiere of "Body" live tonight on Bump In The Hump. Friday night Hudson Alexander will join fellow Bedroomer, Eytan Tobin at the Velvet Underground in support of Machinedrum's live tour. You'll hear his above track tonight in support of that event, and you can grab it alongside the two other free tracks he dropped Sunday for his titled mastered release. RSVP and get tickets for Friday here, and stream Machinedrum's new album Human Energy here. Rounding out this week's Bump In The Hump is the latest RYME production, a remix of & Riven's "Connect." The duo of Rynecologist and Meech will be performing alongside yet another Bedroomer, Burglar, Saturday at The Hoxton in support of Boys Noize. Tickets are scarce but always come available last minute as people try to get rid of them. Best chance is to check the facebook event, here.

These three tracks will get you ready for particular parts of the weekend, while the rest of the hour of new music that is Bump In The Hump will get you ready for the weekend at large. I've got a new track from Zeds Dead ahead of their album Northern Lights which drops Friday, new remixes from Dom Dias, Future Magic, Young Bombs and Dropwizz as well as originals from Eekkoo, and Kayliox & A-SHO. It's as jam packed a show as the weekend. Listen to Bump In The Hump tonight, live from 6-7 PM EDT and join me at one of the above mentioned venues, Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday.