Friday, October 28, 2016


I came across this track today that has my attention not just because of its catchy, clean, poppy production style, but because of the artist or account it's linked to. I purposefully didn't include it in the post title, because it is xxxHotBangerzxxx. The account doesn't have any other identifying info, save for a small number of likes, comments and follows. It does however have a classic bot profile picture that seems to fit its steamy moniker. "FKNU" is one of only two songs on the entire account, no reposts at all. The other is credited to Crying Robot, a name that doesn't appear anywhere else on Soundcloud except for an account from Hong Kong, that's been inactive for 6 years. Everything about this account scream bot, including the spam-like comments.
But this is where it gets weird, both songs seem to be entirely original productions, and are definitely not amateur works. The vocals in each are quality and well worked around, making it seem that this creator is not some bedroom producer. Whoever this mystery producer is they got me enjoying "FKNU" with their bouncy, future RnB, tropical trap, super hybrid track and catchy vocals. Since "Different Sides" is available for free download, I'm hoping "FKNU" will be too. UPDATE: the account has since changed its name and profile picture, as well as adding an artist to FKNU albeit essentially meaningless, since it's ID, and we can assume the artist isn't named ID, probably means that this is an unreleased track.