Sunday, October 30, 2016

3 videos that encapsulate Destructo's Halloween set at The Hoxton

Once again The Hoxton played host to one of the wildest nights imaginable, seeing the like of legends, Felix Da Housecat and Destructo take the decks, with support from Sita Abellan and Cosella B2B with Maddmon, last minute fill-ins for Josh Pan who was unable to cross the border without his passport. I truly have no idea how many times I've been to The Hoxton. I've seen countless crazy, ratchet and lit shows, but this one was certainly one for the books. I had been lamenting The Hoxton's new LED screens and the fact that they take up so much room onstage, which meant a lack of room for VIPs and hype crews. This didn't stop Destructo who kept inviting people (mostly and almost exclusively girls) on stage, despite security constantly sending them back down. Being a Halloween themed event, there was not only a lot to see, but it meant that people were really letting lose. Destructo led this charge and established this ethos early. Apologies for the audio quality, this was my first night with my new phone and haven't perfected my abilities yet, at least the video is better than it was with the last phone.
Destructo played to, and with the crowd for nearly two hours, which meant he had an extended playlist that included a number of his own tracks, "Technology," "Dare You 2 Move," "Higher," "Catching Plays," and a number of new and exclusive tracks, including a forthcoming track with Snoop Dogg.
Perhaps the best video to illustrate just how crazy the night got is this one where the stage became totally overloaded with fans, leaving security utterly helpless. But as Destructo kept saying, as long as you leave the DJ equipment alone, you can do whatever you want.
As Destructo himself said when he played Vindata and Wax Motif's "Crazy," Toronto is "f*cking crazy," and he loves playing here. He prefaced that by saying, while most DJs say that no matter what, and where they are, he truly meant it. We can be confident he spoke the truth since he professed his love for Toronto in a recent interview with TRC. I can only hope that we get to see Destructo here again soon, and that next time, Josh Pan remembers his passport. Pan has vowed to "make it up to [...] Toronto."