Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Daphni - Tin

Last year we saw Bwana build a track around a Taylor Swift sample for FACT Magazine's "Against The Clock." And there's no doubt strong female vocal samples are gold in electronic music. So could I interest you in one from Mariah Carey, reworked by Dan Snaith as Daphni? The mind behind Caribou takes 2005's "We Belong Together," and gives it a glorious, throbbing groove. The Mariah sample has a siren-like allure, making "Tin" an inescapable sonic web. All this about the vocals isn't to take anything from the production. Each click, clack, drum smack, scratch, is tuned and mixed brilliantly. In the end however, it's the subtle progressions and transitions, and continuous movement that makes "Tin" such a standout track in my ears. Stream below, and catch it on Bump In The Hump tonight."Tin" joins a wide array of genres and styles represented on Bump In The Hump tonight. There's house, future bass, dubstep, techno, moombahton, bass house and trance. There's lots of Toronto talent including HolloH, Hudson Alexander, and Dzeko, a track from Rezz's forthcoming debut album, plus two exciting premieres from Blansh and Eff That. All that, and more, live from 6-7 PM EDT on Radio Humber.