Tuesday, July 18, 2017

13 New Tracks I Found On Soundcloud (Under 10k)

Soundcloud has been on tongues, minds, fingertips, and search bars more than ever lately. Google Trends are incomplete until July 22nd, but it's nearly twice as high as any time in the last year (see here). Whether Soundcloud has the reported 50 days of cash left, Chance The Rapper already saved it, or something else entirely, I hope it survives for days like today: when I can wake up, scroll through my feed and find a dozen new, and in some cases, previously unavailable tracks.

[Rant] Of course the age of technology leads to the ability to create this kind of music, but that's just half of the benefit of advancement. The other half is the internet, and it's social, sharing environment. And music is nothing if not social and shared? Therefore the service Soundcloud provides is almost essential. It's the people, for the people. I know money has to be made, but a balance has to be drawn. No matter what, the need will remain. If SC falls, another will rise in its place.

However enough of the rant, please enjoy a concise 13 tracks from my scan this morning, each quality in their own right, genre and use aside. I've done my best to mix from light to heavy, smooth to rough.Strayframe - Crimson (ft. Spence Hood) FREE
Coolest Crimson known to man. Smooth and intoxicating, with a pair of absolutely crushing drops.

Gromo - Reaction (ft. Breana Marin) FREE
Slow burning, deep, nuclear core reaction. Strong vocals make the lyric "keep coming back to it" true.

Heads2 - Up N Down
Warming things up with funky, swooning future bass. More great vocals, but the chops steal this show.

NatashaMichael - Fuego FREE
Drums light the fire with even more alluring lyrics. However, the vocal effects and sonic flourishes rule.

Blvk Sheep - Falling 4 U (ft. Rahn Harper) FREE
Massive mood. Screaming yet tender trap. Added synth in the second drop caps it perfectly.

GNDR - It's The Future FREE
Power pop future bass. Flying piano fingers, wild vocal chops and soaring synth - need I say more?

Fransis Derelle x Hopsteady - Imaginary Friends
Don't let that opening fool you this track is explosive. Say goodbye, you're catching a rocket.

Nina Las Vegas - Freeze
Frosted tip vocal chops, fight with a flurry of drums and room filling bass. Nina brings the frostbite.

Dualmind - One Day FREE
Wild, turn it around, double-bass blinder. If this is what Future House is, I like it.

The Weather Underground - Existence
Intelligent techno everything (Minimal, Avant-garde, Noise, Experimental). Hypnotic.

brxken drevm - deicide FREE
Only thing ground breaking here is the bass. Just a beat, but effective enough to strike a blow.

Her Mind - Blossom FREE
I've never heard a drop as absolutely, and quite literally, smashing. Period. And this one works. No matching that in the second half, so instead it's triumphant future bass. 5 star success, no doubt.

Markus Aurelius - Solipsism FREE
Robots rule reality in this roaring epic depiction of a dire heavy metal future.