Friday, July 28, 2017

WayHome Day 1 Live Blog

I'm also live tweeting at @OggieJames

8:20 - wake up before my alarm. To excited.

9:30 - after repacking my bag a dozen times I'm on the way to the subway and the shuttle bus.

10:50 - arrive at the shuttle bus. It's full, but they're sending another.

11:10 - we board second bus. Driver really wants us to know his name is Ed.

11:20 - we depart. I'm beside a guy named Harry. He has an indeterminate English accent. Nice.

11:30 - turn onto the Gardiner and the first billboard in sight is for WayHome. Couple cheers.

11:35 - bus is quiet. Most people keeping to themselves, listening to music. Couple of conversations.

11:55 - Harry and his boys crack a beer.

11:57 - I get a whiff of weed. Don't think anyone's smoking it. That'd be massively sketch.

12:05 - now that the beers are flowing (thank Harry and his boys for breaking the ice) the conversations have really sparked up. THE PARTY HAS STARTED!

12:55 - traffic is bad. We were supposed to be there by now, and we're probably an hour away still. Sad.

1:40 - we stop for a quick pee and leg stretch in Barrie. Nearly there.

1:55 - everyone is more warm and cordial than before. We've become wayhomies. Mere minutes away from the grounds.

2:10 - Ed makes a reckless turns onto the camp road and an OPP follows us. Everyone is excited but scared at the same time

3:10 - I finish setting up my tent. This village of tents is awesome. Ended up right beside Mikey Palermo. Sweet.

3:45 - imma die tonight, I hope that's cool with you. Nah I'm kidding no deaths just fun times. Off to get my media pass, looking like the unique goof.

4:25 - waited 10 minutes to get redirected to in turn get redirected. No help in getting a media pass here. It's a hella disaster. Not anyone specific fault just an overall thing.

4:35 - guy comes to help he also knows nothing. They're sending someone else.

4:45 - Ally comes to help me. We drive to get a pass and she does me off at the media gate (couple of autograph seekers). Walk to catch up with RYME.

5:00 - Meech is DJing inside the greenhouse.  Ry arrives late, as usual.

5:15 - tons of porta-potties, lots of room to chill and smoke, and the bouncer remembers me as I go back in the greenhouse. Excellent.

5:35 - Mikey says the track I like so much is Drake - Get It Together.

5:46 - I tweeted "somebody sober me up" (since deleted)

6:54 - I write the previous update hoping the spelling and grammar is right.

6:55- I wonder where Harry and my Irish boys are.

7:03 - I forgot about 6:46, and am plotting my next move, amongst hundreds here to see Flume, Danny Brown, and Justice.

7:07 - apparently I was going to write something here but I forgot. Sorry.

8:10 - it doesn't take an hour to walk from site to stage but it's close if you stop at all. And I used the VIP entrance, GA was rammed

8:33 - crowd runs to the stage to hear "Pumped Up Kicks"

8:43 - enough wandering around I asked someone and I ended up being right next door to the wristband refill station.

8:50 - Cage The Elephant absolutely rocking. Singer doing his best Mick Jagger. Loving every minute of it

1:43 - apparently I've got some explaining to do. Home and asleep.