Monday, July 17, 2017

High 'n' Rich - Sensei

Bass house still seems to be the leading nomenclature. That being said, German producer High 'n' Rich's #House track is a banger more than anything. Released this morning on ILLICT "Sensei" sets a near future synth landscape, before becoming ultra sour in its dying spin-back style bass delivery. The guitar glides perfectly through to the second drop, running at a hot tempo through the subtle, rattling drums. Then there's the trip after the second drop - if you weren't already making a screw-face, it's guaranteed now. My favourite bit is the bass, it gives me a Jack Beats or Botnek feel, but the whole track: progression, design, and mix, are all top notch. Even better it's free at Artist Union here.FOLLOW HIGH 'N' RICH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER