Friday, August 11, 2017

HAIM - Little Of Your Love (BloodPop Remix)

The Haim sisters have once again released one of my favourite albums of the year, with Something To Tell You, the follow up to their genius debut Days Are Gone. That 2013 album spurred several superb remixes from the likes of MK, Cyril Hahn, Duke Dumont and others. I fully expect this collection of tracks to tempt producers to take on the vocal talents and magical melodies of HAIM, reworking them for the DJ decks. The first such remix comes from Michael Tucker, aka BloodPop (and previously Blood Diamonds). While he's remixed "Little Of Your Love" you may also be aware that he helped produce "Want You Back," the lead single from Something To Tell You. Stream below, and purchase here.What I like most about this mix is the way BloodPop stays true to the original, while playing with all of the elements that make HAIM more than just a rock band or a pop trio. "Little Of Your Love," like much of the album, showcases prolific pop production abilities from Ariel Rechtshaid and Rostam Batmanglij, which BloodPop has zeroed in on and utilized expertly. The main melodies and vocals remain intact, while being re-birthed as a snappy synth driven singalong. The clicks, clacks and snaps of the reworked percussion work perfectly with HAIM's unique style. However the cherry on top of this mix is BloodPop's chords which are imbued with an astonishing amount of love. It's incredibly easy to enjoy, and I cannot wait for more mixes like this in the coming days and months.