Monday, July 31, 2017

A WayHome Wedding

Credit: Morgan Hotston (here)
This weekend I took to Burl's Creek Event Grounds for the third edition of the WayHome Music and Arts festival. Perhaps you followed my exploits Friday (live blogged here) or throughout the weekend via Twitter. While I'm working a large scale recap for this blog, and perhaps more elsewhere, I first wanted to share one of the more unique experiences from the truly magical weekend.

One of the undeniable characteristics of WayHome is love, and there was perhaps no better example of that then the nuptials of WayHomie couple, Chayla and Almir. The wedding, which was performed by my friend, and fellow Radio Humber alumnus Kenan (now of 106.9 FM The Wolf), showcased both the incredible community feeling and energy of WayHome, as well as the aforementioned love.
In terms of energy and fun, the above video has it all. But if you're looking for a little more love, or just some more wit and humour from Kenan, enjoy the full ceremony below, complete with The Big Lebowski and Waiting... references. Apologies for the low quality, I'm but a blogger, not a photographer.