Tuesday, November 22, 2016

G Jones - Pull Up

There's no other way to describe G Jones' latest track "Pull Up," as anything other than bass. With riddim, dubstep and trap influences throughout, "Pull Up" is a confluence of the all the best, bass-focused genres has to offer. It's menacing, rattling the very core of the listener, with sound design reminiscent of the best bass producers known to this world. Somehow he's channeled Flux Pavilion, Excision, Bassnectar, Rusko and RL Grime, and combined them all, in a cohesive and killer fashion.
I cannot help but envision an interstellar space battle, as ships careen through explosions, with lasers and rockets blasting all around. In fact I think it should be the soundtrack for the latest installment of Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The real magic and guiding force behind "Pull Up" is the percussion; resisting it is futile as G Jones grabs listeners by the scruff of the neck, dunking our heads in toilet bowls, brazenly bullying us with his bombastic bass throbs. From its ravey beginnings through its domineering and derelict devolution of dance sentimentalities, G Jones succeeds in delivering his vision for bass tracks of the future. "Pull Up" is the lead single from his forthcoming EP, Visions, set to be released "early 2017," for which he is also touring North America from December 30th through April 22nd. He makes a stop at Toronto's Velvet Underground February 1st, tickets at gjonesbass.com