Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Glenn Morrison - Into The Deep (Ewan Pearson Remix)

For most DJs there is no higher honour than to have Pete Tong include their track in his Weekend Hot Mix. This past Friday, Toronto's own Glenn Morrison received that distinction when Ewan Pearson's remix of his track "Into The Deep" played across the hallowed BBC Radio One airwaves. Many a time, I've found myself ripping tracks right from the radio to include Pete's inimitable voice, that adds so much depth and intensity to the track. His delivery is simply legendary, and is a testament to his 20+ years as a staple on perhaps the greatest radio station our world has to offer. The fame of Pete may yet be rivaled by the two contributors to this track, as both Morrison and Pearson are legends in their own rights. This trifecta of techno gods combine to make an already hot mix, pure fire.Ewan Pearson's contribution to "Into The Deep" is pure perfection, sending Morrison's original further underground for an unreal, old school, never ending dance-off. The movement is a thing of beauty. It starts off with the atmosphere of a desolate wasteland, with ominous echoes in the distance. Pearson then transmutes those echoes into the melody, reverberating with more intensity. About halfway through, the vibes become less ominous and more uplifting, as the technologically created horn blips penetrate the atmosphere. This is where the track really excels, it becomes free, expansive, playful and utterly enjoyable. It is vibes like this, that always make me imagine the glory days of everyone in a club doing both, their own thing, but also moving in some strange unison. Like my post from two weeks ago about Bicep, it is the epic length and progression of this production that I cannot help but fall for.

Unbelievably, this track is available for free download (without Pete's voiceover), via hypeddit.