Monday, August 01, 2016

Out Of Cookies - Who's Them Boyz

The depth of the dutch scene seems to be more vast than even James Cameron's The Abyss, as we're continually introduced to rising talents like Out Of Cookies, whose latest track "Who's Them Boyz" dropped mere hour ago. It's available now for free download courtesy Ones To Watch Records. Starting with a splash of percussion and rapidly picking up intensity along with a flurry of deep, spluttering vocals, "Who's Them Boys" feels like a fresh combination of deep/bass house and jungle terror/trap styles. The way Out Of Cookies adds turbulence to the vocal samples ahead of the drop immediately reminded me of AC Slater and GotSome's "Move It Back," yet the drop itself is more reminiscent of Wiwek's machine gun style of mayhem.

Normally I don't like to project comparisons on artist like that; art is very much so a personal endeavour and making a comparison as such could imply copying or even worse thievery. However, in this case, I feel compelled to draw a connection to Wiwek, GotSome and AC Slater because of the sheer raw, neoteric nature of Out Of Cookies' sound. "Move It Back" remains one of my favourite tracks from the mighty Night Bass label and Wiwek's jungle terror stylings have inspired countless artists. Perhaps the title of Out Of Cookies' track is a reference to his influences, or maybe an allusion to his still widely unknown status. Whatever the case, it certainly seems Out Of Cookies is one to watch.