Thursday, August 11, 2016


Perhaps one of the most well composed tracks of the year, FLOOR BABA's "EVERLASTING" is truly a work of art, weaving his wizardry, crafting an extremely enjoyable pop track through the combination of hip internet sub-scenes. Forthcoming from sophomore album NEON DEATH, set to be released on his own DESKPOP label. Being so 'pop' driven (contemporaneous, voguish and singularly focused), the way FLOOR BABA is able to successfully combine the wide range of genre tags (3 of each #wave #hop #post + a #future) is with world record precision, as though flying through a video game with all the cheats enabled. Cheekily christened, "EVERLASTING" moves so effortlessly from level to level getting the most play out of the game experience. It's as though each new playful, jazz-element added represents a new level supported by the chiptuned background. From it's initially dim, rising vaporwave beginnings, airy gamewave opening screen, bright psychedelic bells, to the funky future drum fills and just right jazz fusion combination of elements, FLOOR BABA crafts an excellent storyline.

I am continually amazed at the unique qualities and styles of producers that the world is seeing right now. While some may lament the rise of the so-called 'soundcloud dj,' I love the internet community because of the inherent ability to guardedly share yourself in ways you wouldn't otherwise in public (good or bad). If the internet can foster the confidence of just one otherwise unwilling yet talented producer to share his or her work, I believe it almost inevitably has a positive outcome, as someone, somewhere, is bound to enjoy it. The reality is no music could possibly suit everyone, but there certainly are tracks that can be appreciated by the masses and I believe FLOOR BABA has one on his hands with "EVERLASTING."