Monday, August 08, 2016

Rihanna - Needed Me (Murlo Remix)

In honour of his remix of Rihanna's "Work" surpassing the million play milestone on soundcloud, British DJ and producer, Murlo just dropped another Rihanna rework, this time taking on "Needed Me." Fluttering and flighty, the tropical steel pans add a refreshing island vibe reminiscent of Rihanna's homeland. Subtle and sneaky, this remix washes over your ears like waves lapping on an island paradise. Murlo's treatment of her vocals is both delicate and incredibly alluring, making it easy to get lost in this potent production. The beauty of this version is the seemingly contradictory fact of its definite distinct nature, setting it apart from the original, yet somehow familiar feel, not bastardizing the beauty of the original. I fully expect Murlo's version of "Needed Me" to get the same amount of recognition his "Work" remix received.