Friday, August 05, 2016

Palm Tree Gang - Harder Than Life

Utilizing Sylvester Stallone's inspirational speech from Rocky Balboa to set the scene, Palm Tree Gang's "Harder Than Life" is uplifting and bursting with energy, as well as up for free download. Like a computer program initializing its processes, or a human life finding its footing, the track awakens and before it can find its stride we hear the the unmistakable drawl of Sly Stallone proselytizing about how it's not "about how hard you hit," but rather "how hard you can get hit." A perfect metaphor for this track, which despite its uplifting chords actually hits quite hard with a awesome array of killer keyboard slaying, much like the flying fingers of Haywyre or Ronald Jenkees. It's the contrast of the powerful reality of the human condition and the ability to overcome it with positivity, almost like that Chumbawumba track (I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down) that gives this track such strength. Between the subtle bass manipulations, bleepy popping effects, and fluid movement of "Harder Than Life," Palm Tree Gang have crafted a track worthy of enjoyment as your morning wake up call, your mid-afternoon pick me up or your 'keep me awake and safe' late night track.