Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kanye West - Touch The Sky (Josh Pan Rehab)

Enigmatic producer, Josh Pan just dropped what could be his best bootleg, in what he's calling his 'rehab' version of Kanye West's "Touch The Sky." And that's saying something, considering Pan's prolific "It G Ma" opus remix. This one may be a mini-opus; a higher concentration of thoughtful production, perfectly suited to the manipulated lyrics. From the atmospheric opening with Yeezy testifying "Imma touch the sky" and the following vicious explosion, the track oozes with an ominous intensity. It's no surprise that Kanye and Josh Pan would be a perfect pairing, as they are both consummate artists, and unique personalities. "Touch The Sky" is the symbiosis of music and lyrics, amplifying each other. If a track could truly make someone fly this would be it.Get your free piece of sky here.