Monday, August 15, 2016

TroyBoi - Voyager

TroyBoi, who is preparing for his 26 date Mantra Tour, which starts September 7th in Reno, has just added another awesome track to his ever growing catalog. Stream the unearthly track "Voyager" below. TroyBoi is perhaps best known for his bass banging productions, but "Voyager" leaves all that behind skyrocketing into a new euphoric atmosphere. It's as though TroyBoi was somehow able to access the database of Starfleet vessel USS Voyager and withdraw their theme song. "Voyager" is at once proud and strong yet unsure as it explores the great unknown, the final frontier. Its strings stirs the senses while TroyBoi's trap proclivities and future forward production propel "Voyager" into warp drive sending it into the stars. It's clear we have a star on our hands with TroyBoi, and you'll be hard pressed to find a more stellar combination of styles. From orchestral to hip hop, and trap to world, "Voyager" is an experiment gone decidedly well. I would love for him to start the journey of his set at The Hoxton, September 17th (to which you can RSVP and buy tickets, here) with "Voyager." One soundcloud commenter noted that many of TroyBoi's most recent uploads have not been available for download, assuming he might be stockpiling them for an album, for which we can only hope.