Friday, August 05, 2016

Frustra on Bump In The Hump: August 24

If you've been following Bump In The Hump in the last few weeks, you'll be aware of the hiatus, friend of the show, Frustra has put himself in. He's assured me this is only a temporary move, as he continues to grow and work on his sound and style. And although he's still released music during said hiatus (see his remix of Katy B & Chris Lorenzo "I Wanna Be") it seems the turning point is now in sight.

In less than three weeks time, August 24th to be exact, I'll be playing host to the last track from Frustra as we know him, as well as speaking to him about what the future holds for the talented young producer. This afternoon, he released a teaser on his soundcloud, which one can only assume provides some insight into his new direction. Cryptically titled, "VIIIXXIVMMXVI" features deep, dark bass vibes reminiscent of Gesaffelstein and Rezz, amidst militarily precise percussion and affected, ominous vocals. Tagged "bodywave" and "vaporfunk," the feels from this teaser are sure to send shivers down your spine. Frustra's official comment is, much like Big Brother, to "expect the unexpected." Stay tuned to Enlightenment For Your Ears, Frustra's social media, as well as my own, for news regarding the world premiere and exclusive interview, and don't forget to listen to Bump In The Hump Wednesday from 6-7 on Radio Humber for more of the best new Canadian electronic music.