Monday, August 15, 2016

Moldavite - Majesty

Cool Californian producer Moldavite, previously known as Passage, fresh off the release of his 14 track album, The Realest on August 3rd, just dropped another new chill trap production, "Majesty." The sub-genre known as chill trap is a bit of an odd one, almost an oxymoron, as true trap is anything but chill. That being said, chill trap seems to have taken off in the past few years after artists like Cashmere Cat, Daktyl and Mr. Carmack among others, set the bar. Moldavite really seems to have figured out the key to crafting a quality chill trap track as he's got a number of them under his belt, including the marvelously cool "Majesty." It's ambiance fills the room immediately lifting spirits, while the radiant wind-chimes stand atop the massive booming bass.

The key for me however, is the tuning of the percussion, specifically wooden blocks (at 1:08 and again at 2:29). The combination of the percussion, oh so beautiful synths and silvery vocals, and their progression throughout, make "Majesty" a track not just for playing once, but one that can and should be enjoyed countless times. Its serene, composed qualities have an amazing and inescapable allure, one that I imagine will have you grateful for this free download from Moldavite.