Friday, December 16, 2016

Extended, 2016 Finale, Episode of Bump In The Hump and Final My Mixtape of the Year

Tonight marks the final episodes of both Bump In The Hump and My Mixtape. While My Mixtape features Keith Kling stepping in for Eddie Roy, Bump In The Hump features an extended episode airing right after the 9 PM newscast, leading into My Mixtape at 11 EST. While I toyed with the idea of doing a special, best of/year in review, episode of Bump In The Hump, there was just too much good music released in the last week for that to be an option. I've even got a couple of exclusive premieres from the likes of, friend of the show, Frustra and Ch4ins4w, making his Radio Humber debut. This really is an absolutely massive episode with an unprecedented number of tracks and artists from countless genres. There's new Pusher, Bishu, Robotaki, Future Magic, Cyril Hahn, Loud Luxury, Overwerk, Pairanoid + Joe Ghost, Datsik, and Dr. Ozi. To further whet you appetite, here's the track I'll be opening with. Following Bump In The Hump comes My Mixtape, this week featuring Keith Kling who saved the day after Eddie Roy was struck with unforeseen issues. Keith stepped in, used Eddie's tracklist and delivered an hour's worth of music, highlighting Toronto's underground dance scene. You can hear it live, directly following Bump In The Hump, at 11 PM and grab a download of his mix shortly after it airs, on this very blog. So stay tuned here to catch both tracklists as each episode goes live, and stream the marathon of music via