Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bastion - Opale

Powerful Parisian duo, Bastion, have just dropped the awe-inspiring fire funk of "Opale." It is a slice throwback disco/funk that harkens back to the time when Daft Punk and Justice were the hottest thing in dance music. There's just enough electro stylings that also give it a distinct Boys Noize feel. It's absolutely fire, the guitar and bass riffs rip, alongside the plethora of old school DJ effects, subtle scratching and talk-box vocals. "Opale" is extremely cool, groovy and heartening. It gives me faith that there's still music out there that, while being entirely electronically synthesized, can be recreated live, and still boasts a true human flavour. Bastion have delivered a highly dance-able, playful and progressive production. Being a fan of all the artists mentioned above, and Chromeo, who for some reason I'm only reminded of with the 6th replay, I find "Opale" and Bastion to be a perfect combination of. I'm sad that I've only found them today, but am also overjoyed that I've got a new band to check out. "Opale" is the lead single from Sexy Brut's compilation, Vol. 1.