Monday, December 12, 2016

ValyMo & Broady - Get Funky

As part of Gold Digger's We Are Bass House year end compilation, ValyMo and Broady have teamed up to drop French bass track "Get Funky." As part of the explosion of both bass house and French artists (Malaa, Slowbody, Dombresky, LH4L, etc), we've seen a surplus of copycat producers trying to live up to the likes of those mentioned above. But there's really no questioning the quality of ValyMo or Broady; ValyMo can boast productions for OWSLA, UKF and Ultra, while Broady cannot match that list, he's released numerous quality tracks ranging from "Hunnid For The Quarter," "Go The Farthest," "Kush World," and "Never Say Never." Considering his account is only 8 months old, Broady is a fast rising talent, and this collab with ValyMo will only hasten that. "Get Funky" stands out from the aforementioned surplus of bass house tracks, with well thought out layers of production working together brilliantly. From the vocal samples, through the ratcheted bass synth and throbbing subs, the overall design of "Get Funky" leaves little to be desired. The fills are fire, its atmosphere intoxicating and the continuous progression ensures it never gets stale. If this track turns your crank, you'll likely enjoy the other 14 tracks in the compilation, but first, get "Get Funky" for yourself free, here. FOLLOW BROADY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER