Friday, July 22, 2016

Tropkillaz, Oski, Dom Dias & Sevla to set The Hoxton ablaze

Since summer has begun, I don't think I've set foot in a club. Don't get me wrong, I've seen dozens of artists, but seemingly exclusively outside, enjoying the unprecedented warmth and lack of rain. That all changes tonight, as I finally find myself hitting up The Hoxton once again. I was immediately intrigued when I saw Tropkillaz were coming to town, and when Oski was added to the billing I knew this was going to be an event I'd do my darnedest to get to. But it was when Dom Dias, truly one of my favourite producers in the game, was announced as the local support that I knew I'd break any previous commitment to take in one of his rare DJ sets. So in honour of tonight's lit lineup, I'm going to take you through a number of my favourite tracks from each of these artists, in an attempt not just to build the hype but to also rebuild part of my now lost library.

First we start with the opener, Sevla, who I've unwittingly been aware of for almost a year. Last summer as Diplo and Sleepy Tom's track "Be Right There" was bouncing through the clubs, Sevla and Maliboux were at work crafting one of seemingly dozens of remixes of the massive collaboration. Their ever so slightly pitched up, frantic future bass, and soaring synths take "Be Right There" to a level unheard even in the six track remix package.
Damian Alves, 19 year old, self-proclaimed "TRVP GOD" is truly a master of fire-starting bootleg remixes taking on the likes of Porter Robinson, Deadmau5, Wiwek, Eptic and Habstrakt. His productions with Blvk Sheep, Crankdat and GRMN suggest that he's ready to explode in a ball of blazing hot fire. Expect his opening set to be jam packed with raucous remixes, cranking up the temperature in preparation for the white hot heat of Tropkillaz, Oski and Dom Dias.

While the majority of tonight's lineup focus on lit, trap productions, Dom Dias stands out as perhaps the most versatile and well rounded producer. He may even have the most productions to his name. I'm having a hard time coming up with an accurate prediction as to what the Sinhalese sensation is going to drop. Following the philosophy of "no genres" I expect Dom to bounce around through his endless library of remixes, stoking the fire of the crowd, filling the room with a hazy humidity, that might just explode in a thunderstorm like the opening of his latest production, a hard hitting remix/mashup of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

After back to back Canadians, The Hoxton will play host to two international act from the Southern Hemisphere. Hailing from Sydney, Aussie producer Oski will undoubtedly capitalize on the firestorm Dom Dias has created. Expect to hear a lot of Oski's productions with his tag, "Oh shit, is that Oski?" and a number of exclusives and unreleased tracks. Personally I'll be holding old for his twisted trap remix of fellow Australian L D R U's "Keeping Score," but if we're lucky we'll get to hear ItsUFO's bootleg of perhaps Oski's most lit track, "Keep It Going." It's still not released but you can hear it in fan fiction's NEST HQ Resident Mix 010.

Our other international headliner is the Brazilian 808 bass duo, Tropkillaz. And now that I take the time to really think about it, there are very few producers on the planet that can boast a larger library, in the same amount of time. I still remember my friend first playing "Deixa Eu Dizer" back in 2013. That was my introduction to Tropkillaz, and although it is one of their lighter tracks, it serves as a terrific taster, whetting your appetite for Tropkillaz unique blend of Brazilian Bass. By the time these two take the stage, I expect The Hoxton to be like a scene out of Jumanji with the roof dripping sweat and all sorts of vines and other jungle growth overtaking the dancefloor. Tropkillaz will look to take advantage of this jungle-esque atmosphere, only increasing the humidity and heat, with their blazing bass. They've got a new EP on Mad Decent, Braza Attack Vol. 1, and seemingly endless amounts of booty shakers, both literal bootlegs and twerk inspired tracks. Get a taste below.
As per usual I went a little bit overboard with the taste tests, you won't be able to listen to everything I've posted and still be at the show in time, but at least you'll have these playlists to listen to afterwards and you'll be able to pick out some of your favourite tracks they actually played. Tickets are still available tonight, and I'm sure you can get some at the door, as there's always some held back for first come, first serve. So check out the facebook event, cop the tickets from there or take your chances showing up at King and Bathurst.