Thursday, July 07, 2016

Tobtok - Aber

Genre tagged 'Deep House,' Tobtok's latest track "Aber" features tropically tuned guitars and rhythmic bongos combined to create an awesome atmosphere, absolutely ideal for summer listening. Full of energy, the Swede's track is set to be released Friday July 8th on Perfect Havoc. Not being the biggest fan of either 'deep house' (whatever that means) or tropical, in large part because of the over saturation of mediocre tracks trying to copy Kygo, Matoma and others I've literally wiped from my mind, I was immediately apprehensive. Those kinds of guitar led, warm and wavy tropical tracks so often seem hollow and essentially valueless kitsch. However, what sets Tobtok's "Aber" apart from the hoi polloi is its constant progression, and playfulness. I was absolutely awestruck by the first drop (2ish minutes in), the melody flutters and picks up steam, tying all loose ends, painting an exquisite picture.

I'm all about the humanity in music, which can be difficult in a technology focused form, but it is that contradiction that gives it such vitality. That's why play and the act of playing is so fundamental to my enjoyment of electronic music; a computer does not play it merely executes action. In "Aber," specifically in the drop, Tobtok is able to inject the existential freedom that warms your heart and urges you to spin in this infinity we call life. It is those quick little licks on the guitar, cascading like a waterfall that at once imbue "Aber" with refreshing tropical vibes, as though drinking from the fountain of youth.

I always try to listen to the track I'm writing about on constant repeat, and often I'm left running, trying to end the post as quickly as possible. In this case however, I've been listening to "Aber" for nearly a half hour, and could easily listen another 30. It's composition reminds me of Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon, in that the beginning could easily be the end and vice versa. Having "Aber" on a true loop, not only works but succeeds in showcasing the progression that makes it a five star, must have summer track. You know I'll be streaming it a whole bunch until tomorrow, at which point it will arrive in my iTunes. Join me by pre-ordering your copy, and get in to the swing of summer.