Monday, July 11, 2016

A Weekend of Beautiful Music

Even though my computer is going through some rough times at the moment, both my trackpad and soundcard have failed in the last two weeks, I always find a way to have music playing. This weekend I found myself down one of the most beautiful Soundcloud wormholes I've ever come across. Du Tonc's "Slow Down" immediately had me reclining my lawn chair as their bass line throbbed underneath evaporating vocals and the kind of cool atmosphere that suits this scorching weather. Featuring the same kind of modulated vocals, and funky bass, the theme both in "Peace" and this wormhole at large, is one of love, unity and beauty. Super styling, Kenton Slash Demon delivers a track that will assuredly have your toes tapping, as you get up to join the group of reveling dancers. Delightfully dreamy yet poignant, "Always Be Motivated By Love" is not just a great tag line for a t-shirt, but a song as beautiful as a world where people live by that very maxim. The fleeting nature of SQRD's "Gold" left me yearning for more of his unique brand of electropop. Immediately taken aback by the latin flavour of "Bossa Lady" it didn't take long for me to make a fool of myself dancing around in my backyard pretending I was some kind of Cassanova. Already a beautiful track in itself, Prins Thomas adds a little extra groove, transporting Roosevelt's original to a bleepy, playful, all night discotheque, surrounded by people vogueing and posing. It feels like we've come full circle, finding another awesomely funky track with a bass line that you cannot help but be struck by. Enter the dance circle with your best moves; by now you've got the "Jist" of what Soundcloud was recommending by sending us down this wormhole. Sit back, relax and be one with the funk.