Saturday, July 09, 2016

Foals - Mountain At My Gates (Alex Metric Remix)

Three years ago, the uncontested song of my summer was Alex Metric's soaring and spine-tingling remix of Foals' "Bad Habit." To this day it remains one of my favourite tracks of all time, in large part because of Metric's incomparable treatment of Yannis Philippakis' poignant lyrics and quivering vocals. Metric's productions are always of the highest quality, pieced together to take listeners on a journey through more than just sound, but verily time and space. Now almost three years to the day, Metric has once taken on Foals, this time remixing their 2015 single, "Mountain At My Gates." Once again supporting the genius lyrical content of Foals, Metric's remix rises just as Philippakis describes the titular mountain, jutting up in ominous opposition. Its defiant progression, prevents the track from being nailed down to just one genre or feeling. It depicts a ceaseless struggle, with Philippakis in constant combat, attempting to overcome the growing obstruction, looming in the distance, yet creeping ever closer. With the telling lines "I see a darkness in my fate" and "Show me a signpost for where I should go," it makes one wonder not just whether they can conquer this bump in the road but whether they're on the right path at all.

Recklessly running into a wall, the line "I'll drive my car without the brakes," may be the most poignant of all, showing the faith the track's protagonist holds; time is linear, always moving forward. Metric's production so perfectly harmonizes with this narrative, becoming a celebration. As Foals climb the mountain, leaving it in the distance, the track hits its heavenly plateau, in a dance that seems to be handed down from those same heavens.

My soundcloud app got a workout last night as I had "Mountain At My Gates" on constant repeat, as the mastery of Alex Metric's remix got me home safely from a late night of baseball. You too will have to wear out soundcloud for the time being as no official release date has been set as of yet.