Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: The Return of Crystal Castles & STFU "Find That Girl"

Despite ongoing frustrations with my computer, which has now been completely wiped thanks to Asus (a company I urge everyone to avoid), the world of music never stops. The beauty of Bump In The Hump and its focus on new music, makes it possible for me to simply pick up where I left off. Since I sent my computer away last week, there's been a seemingly unprecedented onslaught of new music. And as always, I like to give you a little taste of what our great Canadian producers have been brewing, and boy have they been brewing. We're looking at a week capped with MSTRKRFT's new album, Operator, dropping Friday, joining new Pusher, A-Trak, Strider White, Tristam, Blu J, Black Tiger Sex Machine, and yes even more. Part of the proverbial 'more' is two very different tracks, one from established Canadian legends Crystal Castles and the second, from fast rising stars STFU.Ethan Kath, the producer behind Crystal Castles has a new front woman, in Edith Frances, and their first album as a duo, Amnesty (I), is set to be released August 19th. This week you'll hear their latest addition to that album, "Char." Hear it in its entirety, and get lost its dark abyss, on youtube, here.Originally aired on Benzi's ninth installment of his Girl Trapz series, we've now got the full length version of their future bass anthem. Furthering my claim that Zak and Alex are fast rising stars, they've dropped a second track in less than a week, a remix of Leaf's "Money." Expect big things from them as the both the world and the wheels of steel continue to turn.

I've got a number of exclusives on the way into my inbox as I write this, and can safely say that this week's episode of Bump In The Hump is one for the record books. Do not miss out on this absolutely massive hour of entirely new Canadian electronic music, airing live Wednesday from 6-7 on Radio Humber, rebroadcast Friday 11-midnight, and as always streamable on this very blog.