Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 Star Tracks Playlist (Updated)

It's been a crazy week for me, in which I've been away from the internet for the vast majority, and have had to postpone the fourth, season premiere of Bump In The Hump (now set to launch June 1st). Despite being absent from the internet, I've never been far from the music. So I thought I'd get back to filling out my recent "5 Star Tracks" playlist on Soundcloud. I've added 15 tracks to the original 5, many of which are free downloads. While not all of the tracks are brand new, they are newly confirmed 5 star tracks in my iTunes playlist and tracks that I felt simply needed to be showcased.  You may notice tracks that I've already posted about (Ashes Of Love, Karma, Pearl Sun, and Let Disco), but you'll also find tracks so new I haven't been able to post about (The Saint, Golden Era, Middle, Better, Hardware Passion, and Hello). There's also tracks I've already played on Bump In The Hump (All Night, 9, and Give It Time), finally there are older tracks that I just happened across that I cannot get enough of (Helen, and Sordid Affair).

Get more of my playlists for literal days of listening at my Soundcloud, here.