Monday, May 16, 2016

El Speaker & Skan - Never Gonna Catch Me

Fresh as it gets, El Speaker and Skan come together for the defiant and rebellious rhythm of "Never Gonna Catch Me." Out today for stream and download on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play & Amazon.The Paris - Strasbourg connection feels firmly situated in the south of France, with warm summer vibes, supporting vocals that no doubt invoke the island atmosphere of Bob Marley's "I Shot The Sheriff." Not only is the beautiful vocal style amplified by the rising rhythm, El Speaker and Skan add additional depth and production, almost evaporating it in the humidity (0:20).

Somehow these two producers find a way to create an absolutely incredible combination of tropical, trap and future bass. Just as you think the track has hit it's sweet spot, gliding along through disarming vocals, the trap percussion propels it towards a turnt trap drop, before things get switched up with Daktyl-esque popping and hollow percussion, behind further teased vocals.

My favourite part of "Never Gonna Catch Me" comes in the third drop (2:35) when seemingly all facets of the track are unleashed in unison. The vocal manipulation hits its hardest, making an almost cat-like meow, bouncing up in sequence. The xylophone perfectly sets up the trap synth chords, as the vocalist (accused of murder), confidently strides away, which like the style of the track, seems incredibly illusive. If El Speaker and Skan continue to produce tracks like this, there certainly is no catching them.