Monday, March 07, 2016

WRLD - Awake

Dutch producer WRLD just delivered an incredible artistic arc, upping his game, with the three track EP, Awake, released today, on Vancouver's Monstercat label. The spectacularly sparkling nu-disco/future bass feels of the title track are contrasted with the deeper, downtrodden and blues inspired, "Drowning," which in turn leads to the triumphant, reinvigorated, comeback of the final track "Discovery." Do not sleep on this incredibly cohesive and fantastically cinematic narrative. Let WRLD Awake your senses, by picking up the EP from iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play, or streaming it on Spotify.
Unavoidably awesome playful, pitch-bent, synth riffs attack right out of the gates, firing you out of bed as though shot from a cannon. Colordrive's vocals preach the power of a double shot of espresso to the arm, inspiring even the most sleepy night owl to start the day with a bounce in their step.

The second track "Drowning," lies in stark contrast to the invigoration of "Awake." Emoting the depression of not being able to get out of bed, after a long night out. It is the overwhelming feeling of debilitating fear and petrification of never being able to achieve the same highs (of "Awake"). Ehiorobo's perfectly portray this suffocating feeling, amidst muted chords and a deluge of despondent synths.

WRLD and his masterful finale, cast this malaise aside, ushering in a new feeling of hope and optimism. The warm synths and bright inspiring piano of "Discovery," inject listeners with energy and enthusiasm for the future. Celebratory flourishes and exalted chords imbue superpowers and the feeling that anything is possible. Lifting spirits as though straight out of an 80s movie montage, it is the triumphant culmination and capstone of the simply incredible and emotive roller coaster ride that is WRLD's Awake.