Monday, March 28, 2016

Cardiknox - On My Way (Champagne Drip Remix)

After playing his remix of Grandtheft's "Summer In The Winter," on the last episode of Bump In The Hump (episode here), the enigmatic Champagne Drip put his touch on Cardiknox's "On My Way." A mixture of drum and bass and happy hardcore vibes lead the track from the start, before the bright and supportive neon vibes join Cardiknox's inspirational and anthemic vocals. Incredibly uplifting and energetic, Champagne Drip's production bolts with incredible haste, at an almost nightcore pace, that will leave your head spinning. The lightning quick progression between elements that launches Cardiknox's track into the great beyond, doesn't follow a linear trajectory, further establishing the maniacal genius of Champagne Drip and his incredible production style. Following the lyric "nothing's going to get in my way," Drip quite simply kills it with a masterfully manipulated and exceedingly exuberant drop.

The track further devolves into a enchanted haven of spinning ecstasy, surrounded by sparkling steel drums and perfect pans. With a corroded fake out ending, Champagne Drip brings back Cardiknox in rapid succession before once again ratcheting up the effervescence for a final frenetic flourish of fantastical proportions. Champagne Drip succeeds in creating a track that strikes the perfect balance between subtlety and hitting you over the head; "On My Way" is a track that every music fan ought to enjoy for it's incredible, awe inspiring production value, heart-pounding progression and inescapable allure.