Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Burns - Midknight

For this week's installment in my Throwback Thursday series, it's with great pleasure that I reintroduce the world to the intense, electro stylings of Burns' boisterous bass-belter, "Midknight." This video speaks for itself, synced to hilarious perfection taking this Jane Fonda workout from the ping pong rally sample through throbbing bass squelches, stabbing synth strikes and ever growing intensity and anticipation. Punctuated by percussion and vocal clips, the depth and inescapable blight of this dark knight of a track stand the tests of time. "Midknight" could easily fit into many of today's sets, carving out an incredible atmosphere rife for apocalyptic, end of days bass drops and tremendously turnt transitions. In fact I first heard "Midknight" in Jack Beats' live essential mix from Creamfields, back in 2011, sandwiched between their remixes of Tommy Trash's "The End" and AC Slater's "Jack Got Jacked." It goes without saying that it's an unbelievable awesome set, Jack Beats at their best, featuring a whole bunch of their tracks new and old. If you'd like the check out said mix, I've uploaded it to my dropbox (link here).