Friday, March 18, 2016

Syn Cole - The Daze (feat. Madame Buttons)

Syn Cole sets to brighten your Friday, enchanting you with his latest track "The Daze" featuring Madame Buttons on vocals. Stream now on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music or get your copy from iTunes.
Lush, warm tropical synths ascend like a steamy haze, the appropriate response to which, is to relax by the ocean, enjoying the cool breeze, personified by the swirling island flute. The depth of instrumentation and personality behind each, makes it feel as though you're at an island club watching a local band perform their traditional music. Despite its electronic origins, "The Daze" feels incredibly organic and seems to wash over listeners with great ease.

That is the true beauty of electronic music, when an artist breathes life and character into the vacuous samples, and seemingly endless instrumentation. There's a reason orchestral music has survived so long; the combination of a large group of individuals, playing in unison to create a larger work of art, is incredibly alluring. As much as I love DJ sets, I'll always be a sucker for live performances. There really is nothing like watching an artist at work, and of course, truly great DJs can be such.

In the case of "The Daze," it certainly helps to have Madame Buttons injecting the track with fabulous warmth and passion. Her vocals delicately dance atop the musical bed Syn Cole has set out. The motion and movement in her performance invokes the image her spinning around, eyes closed, arms spread, in completely overwhelming ecstasy. This is the cherry on top, perfectly personifying "The Daze" as just that, a simply stunning and engulfing production.