Thursday, March 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Sandro Silva & Anjiro Rijo - Fifty What (Dem Slackers Remix)

For this week's installment in my Throwback Thursday series, it's with great pleasure that I reintroduce the world to one of the heaviest, grimiest, bass-jacking, insanity-inspiring, electro house remixes ever, courtesy Dem Slackers, who transformed Sandro Silva and Anjiro Rijo's "Fifty What," into a legitimate barn-burner. I first came across "Fifty What,"when Fake Blood dropped it way back in 2010 at the massive three room affair Digital Future at Sound Academy (which I've mentioned before). I haven't been able to spot myself in the video (below) but I'm sure I'm right up at the front losing my mind as Fake Blood absolutely massacred the crowd. The whistle in the second drop is one of my friends who became well known for that antic. I've since seen Fake Blood drop it at least two separate times, each of which the incredible atmosphere of "Fifty What" transforms the crowd into an undead army under FB's spell. Most times his crowd interaction with this track is perhaps the most awesome I've seen, miming a fisherman, casting a line and reeling us in to the back and forth rhythm of the sub-harmonics. Also in the video you may notice locals, Rynecologist and photographer, thesupermaniak.

Whether used in a set or played in full by itself on your iPod, Dem Slackers delivered a nearly perfect production. Putting most of the original elements Sandro Silva and Anjiro Rijo laid out to good use. The combination of the incredible low end and driving percussion propels the remix into an entirely new stratosphere. Both of the drops remain two of my favourites of all time, in part because of their slight yet inalienable differences; the first for its almost shotgun quality, cocking and firing out the subharmonic death knell, while the second has the additional bongos (added so ingeniously after everything but the flute is cut), it leans on a more complex and playful drum fill before the inescapable madness of the now modified drop. When first introducing my parents to electronic music they often thought much along the lines of Randy Marsh, that the drops sounded like farts, and "Fifty What" is the best example of this. My mom often referred to it as the fart song, and while the drop may induce incontinence with its brown note bassline, its overall power remains unmatched.