Friday, November 06, 2015

WTF Friday: An Hour Down The Soundcloud Wormhole

It probably doesn't come as much of a surprise that I troll soundcloud on the regular. And much like Alice In Wonderland is relatively easy to fall through some sort of wormhole to that transports you to an alien world. This just happened to me as I was looking at goofy mashups, particularly those combining rap and kawaii, and came across this incomprehensibly insane account, dicksoak.

This was the second track I came across, probably should have stopped at the first one but it was so incredibly ridiculous that I just had to give this guy another chance to see if there was any hidden gold. I was immediately greeted with this tuned up Eminem monstrosity, the vocal stabs are hilariously tuned and hits an absolutely awesome peak with the chipmunk tuned background vocals at 33 seconds in. The 8-bit video game score brings the intensity and makes it feel as though you're being chased my some hyperactive Marshall Mathers.

Of course this only led me deeper into the bowels of dicksoak's production library, awkwardly wading through the cryptically named catalog. This one speaks for itself, who wouldn't want to hear what Skrillex and Nate Ruess would sound like together. The result is unimaginable.

Talking about cryptic naming this one pits A-ha "Take On Me" with the some of the most aggressive vocals I've ever heard, Death Grips' "Takyon." I thought I was bad a forcing puns with some of the music I've played in mixes but "Takyon Me" hits a new low.

dicksoak goes one deeper and clubs us over the head with this trolling DJ tool worthy of use by the ultimate troll deadmau5. I have a soft spot for this one because of the use of meta nature of the trolling. dicksoak uses the Botnek remix of "Animals" which they Botnek boys had originally created as a troll but it ended up being really well received by the TomorrowWorld 2013 crowd, seen here.

No millennial, meta-mashup producer would dare leave out Donald Glover; star of meta-masterpiece Community. I like this one mostly because it reuses my favourite line from "3005" referencing one of my childhood favourites, Mufasa from The Lion King.

Wrapping things up perfectly for me, dicksoak confirms the Illuminati by literally clubbing us to death with the Over-Re-Hashed (shoutout to one of the best South Park episodes) use of 50 Cent "In Da Club." Just yesterday I found what must be dozenth Fiddy mashup/remix on my iPod yesterday, actually not a bad deep version, but it reminded me that I was in 6th grade when the original first came out; that's a serious TBT. I leave you with that. Enjoy.