Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ookay - Rockin' Around (and other EDM Holiday tracks)

Yeah, yeah I know Christmas is still more than a month away but I've literally seen Elf on TV at least a dozen times already, and Home Alone has been making the rounds as per usual. I think it's fair game to make my first holiday inspired post. I basically always have the TV muted in the background, and I've seen both the Wet and Sticky Bandits take a beating multiple times now. I've got to say its much better without their stupid comments but awesome music instead.

Is it just me, or do Harry and Marv look like a trap duo, a la Caked Up?
All of this Home Alone trapped out thought reminded me of Ookay's remix of the  Brenda Lee's "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree." Over the years there have been a whole slew of EDM remixes of holiday tunes, in an effort for labels to capitalize on the excessive number of Ugly Sweater Parties, Secret Santas, and sloppy work holiday blow out bashes. A couple years ago Mad Decent did "A Very Decent Christmas" auto tuning many of their hit tracks to sound like classic Christmas tracks. A year before that Monstercat had done the same thing with slightly more success, having their producers create new and original content that just sounded as though they were holiday material. And just this past year Jersey Club took its turn flipping Christmas, with both Hoodboi and Trippy Turtle creating originals. Even Borgore got in on the action, proving we are in the end of times, giving his "Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse" too much eggnog, turning it into the "Unicorn Christmas Apocalypse."
For a long time now, the Brenda Lee track has been my favourite Christmas track alongside the always awesome "Feliz Navidad." So obviously I jumped at the opportunity to download a remix of Rockin' Around. The reality is no there are really no good EDM holiday tracks, but everyone is going to find one that they can stomach; after all isn't it all about the thought and feeling attached to a gift. And the reality is all of these tracks are gifts, go ahead and download them for free. Lastly, I was watching Stephen Walking on twitch this week work on a couple new tracks, so I thought I'd show off his addition to the Monstercat Christmas Album, "Sleigh Ride."