Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chemical Brothers feat. Beck - Wide Open (Kolsch Remix)

I've been of both Kolsch and Chemical Brothers for a quite some time. Both have been firmly implanted in popular consciousness for the past year, with the Brothers triumphant return via their album Born In The Echoes and Kolsch's sophomore album 1983. The Chemical Brothers have an knack for crafting brilliant and subtle house tracks that wind up spanning multiple genres through the many remixes they inspire. My personal favourite example of this comes in the form of "Go" which has three tremendous remixes, seen after the break. It would only stand to reason that Kolsch, who has some killer remixes to his name (also after the break) would be able to take the Chemical Brothers track "Wide Open" with Beck on vocals and send it into another stratosphere.

The brilliance of Go lies in its thoughout and deliberate jacking simplicity. Its a true rolling house track that lends itself to brilliant remixes and edits, that can work in any set at any time. This model has been used in Kolsch's remix of "Wide Open," as well. Beck's lyrics and vocals lend themselves to Kolsch's soaring and seductive style. Nearly all of Kolsch's tracks find that one phrase and work it over and over throughout the track sending you into a blissful state of trance. Kolsch is a master of atmosphere and his genius certainly comes through in this remix; it's one of those tracks that I could easily listen to for hours on end, it holds you in its warm loving arms, cradling you to euphoria.
I highly suggest you check out his other productions so that you can continue to float away in ecstasy.  SCORE
Composition 2/3
Dynamics 2/2
Improvisation/Progression 2/3
Melody/Harmony 3/3
Originality 2/2
Sonic Quality 2/2
Lyrics 2/3
Vocals 2/2
TOTAL 17/20