Friday, November 20, 2015

Disclosure ft. Lorde - Magnets (A-Trak Remix)

It was only a matter of time until the big name official remixes of Disclosure hit the internet and our ear holes. Last week Dillon Francis dropped his version of the Sam Smith vocal aided "Omen," and now A-Trak has followed suit, showing off his resplendent remix of the Lawrence Brothers' collab with Lorde, "Magnets." Lately, A-Trak has been crafting clever and conscious tracks that just cry out for the repeat button; I still wake up most mornings singing "We All Fall Down."
A-Trak has to be one of the busiest and hardworking, yet somehow still the most creative people in the music industry. The guy heads Fool's Gold Records, is constantly on tour (doing #RealDJing, the likes of which you can check out below as he lays down the first ever Mixmag Asia Live Session), and despite all of that he is continually dropping new tracks. I've always thought of him (and his brother Dave1 of Chromeo) as Canadian music royalty, although that might be a bit of a joke (since I doubt any royalty works as hard as he does), A-Trak is very much so the king of many things; perhaps its fitting that he's finally working with more blue blood, Lorde. Ha! puns.
Right off the start, A-Trak sets the mood for the track with Lorde's cooing vocals, rising up like a cross between a songbird and a phoenix. The beat laid down is definitely dance-able in a refined kind of way, and in true A-Trak fashion it's always being built up, torn down and manipulated drawing on his turntablist background. Lorde's actual vocal content is tremendously aided by the sound production and constant building it lies up. There's no question that A-Trak is a master of producing around vocal talent (eg the aforementioned "We All Fall Down," "Push," and "Dipsh*ts").
I've listened to this mix at least a dozen times in the writing of this piece and I believe it's the polished simplicity and sophistication that sets this track apart from the hoi polloi. The signature sounds of the drop are reminiscent of Chromeo; you could easily pass this off as a Chromeo and Lorde collab. Over all the A-Trak remix is a cultured and highly consumable remix that I can't see myself being tired of for quite some time. I foresee this one breaking through onto Top 40 radio stations and becoming that next big thing, following in the footsteps of that Jack U/Bieber collab.
I'm not a fan of teasers or previews, as I can't stand the anticipation, but I caught his forthcoming collab with Zoofunktion earlier this week and, damn it all, I caught the bug. I'm now going to going to be rocking out to this mere minute of unfair teasing, pretending I'm on a beach somewhere warm and not in basement fearing the immanent months of cold that lie ahead. The warm vibes from the piano and vocals, lift its listeners higher and prove that heaven is a place on earth, and it's the A-Trak discography.

Composition 3/3
Dynamics 2/2
Improvisation/Progression 3/3
Melody/Harmony 3/3
Originality 1/2
Sonic Quality 2/2
Lyrics 3/3
Vocals 2/2
TOTAL 19/20