Thursday, November 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: DVBBS Interview (Full Audio)

Think back to January 2013, what were you doing? What were you listening to? Doubtful that you were listening to DVBBS. They were so fresh on the scene that when I was approached to do an interview on my Enlightenment For Your Ears (then my weekly show on CFBU 103.7 FM), I hadn't heard of the duo. They were still performing live as opposed to the DJ set were more accustom to now. They were seemingly in their transition stage somewhere between the DUBBS and DVBBS that we know today.
That transition was tremendously successful with their release of "Tsunami." Regardless, I took the opportunity to do my first ever interview with what seemed to be a pretty cool (you'll notice that's the only word I could think to use in the interview) and upcoming, and Canadian talent. I must say Alex was pretty down to earth and seemed genuinely interested in creating a party culture synonymous with the DVBBS brand, and if he was high, it certainly didn't come through in the interview, but listen for yourself. So now I present for Throwback Thursday, the actual content people have been searching for in my far and away most clicked post, the full interview with Alex Andre of DVBBS. And no, I can't remember what I first asked him when the recording picks up. 
In the immortal words of Abed Nadir, "Cool, Cool, Cool."