Thursday, September 08, 2016

Nero - Crush On You (Animal HÖuse Remix)

Florida based production crew, Animal HÖuse, who first appeared on Soundcloud in January with a remix of "White Iverson," are quickly becoming known for their unique brand of beastly bass bootlegs. Having already remixed A$AP Ferg, Benny Benassi and Cassie, their latest is a delightfully daring dub remix of Nero track, "Crush On You." As always the Floridians have offered their track for free, here. Upon first listen I wasn't positive whether Animal HÖuse were remixing The Jets' original, a la Nero, or whether it was a remix of Nero themselves. There is no lack of original content here, although there certainly is a lot of Nero's now legendary instrumentation. I recently found myself re-listening to much of Nero's Welcome Reality and while the groove of "Crush On You" was my favourite of the album, that was were my enjoyment ended. There was just something disjointed about the original Nero dubstep drop that just didn't jive with my indulgence. However, Animal HÖuse seem to have remedied that derangement. This version flows much more smoothly while still offering that essential element of electronic anarchy.

Doc Brown offering up the line "back to the future" is the cheeky capstone that perhaps best describes this union of old and new, and making the old new, yet again. After having played Dom Dias' downtempo remix of The Jets' "Crush On You" on Bump In The Hump, I'm glad those classic vocals have received another revitalization, more in the way I'm used to hearing them. Art, and therefore music, is cyclical and referential, it is a mirror held up to society, but society has been a mirror in and of itself for years now. Animal HÖuse (knowingly or not) have perfectly illustrated the postmodern conundrum of originality. Everything is a reference to something that has already happened before, once again, knowingly or not. The key is quite simple, just be and just do you, and the end result will be virtuous and valuable. Animal HÖuse have done just that, and in doing so have opened the door for bedroom producers around the world to remix their favourite tunes guilt free.