Friday, September 09, 2016

KLYMVX - California (ft. Cozy & Snoop Dogg)

French duo, Axel and Hovig who together create KLYMVX, have crafted an incredibly cool track called "California." Full of tropical themes and Cozy's chilling vocals, there's a level of freshness that seems to evade most of the tracks made in this increasingly popular trope. "California" features much of the fundamental facets of the so called 'deep house' and tropical subgenres. The difference with KLYMVX's production is the delicate intricacies and simple refinement, it does not posture or masquerade. It just is, flowing seemingly effortlessly and organically from the Parisian pair. Were I to compare "California" to any other track or artist, I'd have to invoke the awesomeness of Matoma. Both Matoma and "California" have a penchant for powerful mixdowns, perfectly mastering each layer, flowing from and through each other so fluently. Additionally, the use of rappers, though an unlikely combination, is part of the magic of both Matoma and KLYMVX's production. The musical bed they build is perfect for the flow of Snoop and Eminem (in Matoma's "Business" remix, my favourite of his). Having only been posted at 11 am EST, there is no word on a release, so you'll have to enjoy "California" solely via streaming on soundcloud. However, the majority of KLYMVX's productions are available for free download, so I highly recommend checking back, in the coming days so you can get your own personal "California."