Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Roger Wilco - Runner

Nashville native, Roger Wilco and his latest track "Runner" are proof that more than just country music comes from the capital of Tennessee. Released for free via the Rauthentic collective, "Runner" is a combination of both trap and bass beats, but also late 80s/early 90s ethereal soundtrack synths. It's almost as though Cashmere Cat and The X-Files theme were mixed up in a big pot of bubbling acid, much like the creation of Batman supervillain, Two-Face. "Runner" has some sneaky beauty, that lulls listeners into a false sense of security, only to have it all wiped out in an instant, with a remarkably ratchet and ruinous, descending drop. The allure of Roger Wilco's production is absolutely awesome, and although it may be an odd choice I think I'm going to try out "Runner" as my new alarm. What could be better to wake up to than that ominous opening and descent into darkness as you awake from the darkness of your dreams. Grab the free download of "Runner" and try it for yourself, here. FOLLOW ROGER WILCO: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER